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Digital Marketing course in Rawalpindi

Digital marketing is most important way to grow your business  now a days. If you leave this platform you will 70 % loss your traffic. Because every one have mobile and every one search about any thing they go on google facebook instagram or many other social platform. our course make for those persons that quick earning and get job in market in early.Digital Marketing Course in Rawalpindi Campus we are providing the training.We design course in one moth that totally practical so what are you thinking enroll now and limited seats are available.

Digital marketing and SEO outline

  • Social Media Platform Target audience
  • How to create Facebook ads
  • How to target audience
  • How to fix your budget
  • How to fix your bidding
  • Running paid campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram
  • Curating content and creatives for your ads
  • Monthly reporting
  • Design Post for Social Media Platform
  • Search Engine Optimization Course 


Title tag optimization

2. Meta tag optimization

3. Headings

4. URL optimization

5. Image optimization and alt tags

6. Content optimization

7. Mobile-friendliness                           

8. User experience

9. Page speed optimization  


1. Maintaining active social media accounts

2. Having a Google Business Profile

3. Implementing a blog on your site       

4. Creating linkable infographics

5. Networking with high-quality sites



How to make id and

How to take project in Freelancing Market

How to Rank id on zero to top level

How to get Reviews the right clients

How to earning with Blogs.

Quick Website with WordPress

Create Quick website

Website layout

Website strcutre

Contetent writing

Styling of website

Off page seo of website

Keyword searches

Earning with different platform

Rank website on search engine

Searching about niches

Keyword Search with different Tools

Search Marketing strategy

Google Ads

How to create Add

How to target your  audience

How to find local audience

Create budget

Youtube ads

Traget aucince on youtube

Find local audience

Adobe Illustrator


How to create post for Facebook instgram google map and YouTube

How to create thumbnail.

How to create logos

How to create Bannar

Last one Month Internship

  • Working on live different website for ranking
  • Work on local Business optimization
  • Leading to job internship


This Course also included Freelancing training.

Note: After the completion of course students will rewarded certficate.

Digital Marketing and SEO Course Detail

Course Fee 22000/-PKR
Package Fee 19,500/-PKR
Course Duration 3 Month
Classes Days Monday to Thursday

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