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ASP .NET MVC Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad Mvc course Outline              

  • Overview introduction of
  • Session State
  • Adding Styles and Classes to Your Web Pages
  • Borders, Backgrounds, and Floating Divs
  • Building Web Page Layouts with CSS
  • Application State
  • Multithreading Issues
  • Cookies
  • HTML Server Controls
  • Web Forms Server Controls
  • Rich Controls
  • Validation Controls
  • User Controls
    • Models
    • Controllers
    • Views
    • Security
    • Routing
    • Performance
    • Testing and Debuging
    • Web API
    • integration
  • Exploring a Razor Pages Application
  • Exploring a Web API Application
  • Exploring an MVC Application
  • Working with Static Files
  • Creating custom middleware
  • Using dependency injection
  • Injecting a service to a controller
  • Adding controllers and actions to an MVC application
  • Configuring routes by using the routing table
  • Configuring routes using attributes
  • Adding an action filer
  • Adding a model
  • Working with Forms
  • Add Validation
  • Adding Entity Framework Core
  • Use Entity Framework Core to retrieve and store data
  • Use Entity Framework Core to connect to Microsoft SQL Server

Project in

  • Behavioral Analysis using Gamification Techniques
  • Online Charity Management System 
  • Online Attorney Appointment Scheduling Software
  • Online Salon & Spa Booking System
  • E-Commerce Website for Visually Impaired 
  • Online Newspaper Delivery Management System
  • Ecommerce Backend Security using Biometric Authentication
  • Online Unused Medicine Donation for NGOs
  • Online Course and Examination Management System
  • Business Promotion and Offer Trend Analysis
  • Smart Health Disease Prediction Using Naive Bayes


This Course also included Freelancing training.

Note: After the completion of course students will rewarded certficate.


Course Fee 25,000/-PKR
Package Fee 22,500/-PKR
Course Duration 3 Months
Classes Days Monday to Thursday