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Java Programming course in Rawalpindi Pakistan

JAVA Programming is Modern programming language and this language is use full for Mobile Apps.Our course cover up all requirements of student who want to build career in JAVA.we are proving the training  of java programming language in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan.

Note : Special package  for those students who want to Making Apps which include java , Android Development With internship opportunity In  20,000/- PKR and the Duration of course is 6 Months. 

Java Basic

  1. Java Introduction
  2. Java Language Basics Intro
  3. Architecture of the Java Virtual Machine
  4.  Java Language Specification
  5.  Java Memory Model - JMM
  6.  The Java Dynamic Compilation
  7. Operators and Conditionals
  8. Expressions, Statements and Blocks
  9. Variables
  10. Data Types
  11. size of and typed
  12. Conditions
  13. Decision  Making Statement
  14. Logical operators
  15. Selection / Multiple Selection
  16. Iterations/Loops
  17. Loops and Branching
  18. Arrays 
  19. Classes and Interfaces
  20. Singleton Types

 Java Advance

  1. Creating Objects with Factories
  2. Inner Classes and Closures
  3. Introduction to Polymorphism
  4. Using Interface for Types
  5. Inheritance, Polymorphism and Abstract types
  6. Overriding, Overloading and Abstract Methods
  7. Dynamic Binding, designing for runtime efficiency
  8. Handling Exceptions Try, Catch, and Finally Blocks
  9. Checked Exceptions at compile time
  10. Unchecked Exceptions at run time
  11. Creating Custom Exceptions
  12. Handling Exceptions Try, Catch, and Finally Blocks
  13. Checked Exceptions at compile time
  14. Unchecked Exceptions at run time
  15. Creating Custom Exceptions
  16. Reduce Code complexity and Code Reuse
  17. Generics. Type Parameters Wildcards and Bound Types
  18. Annotations common examples and using the @interface
  19. Design Patterns with generics and annotations
  20. I/O Streams
  21. Buffered Streams
  22. Readers and Writers
  23. File System Operations
  24. Process and Threads
  25. Atomic and volatile variables
  26. Synchronization for code blocks and methods
  27. Callable interface and futures
  28. Collection Interface, Sets, Lists, Maps and Queues
  29. Immutable Collections
  30. Synchronized Collections
  31. Common Data Structures trees and Graphs
  32. Packages and Java Deployment Jar Files, Manifests
  33. Build and deploy with Ant and Maven
  34. Types of java Applications, Desktop


Projects in Java

  1. Airline reservation system
  2. Gas booking system
  3. Video Streaming
  4. Online shopping platform
  5. Restaurant Management System
  6. Cinema booking system
  7. Bus reservation system
  8. Car Rental System
  9. Event management system
  10. Invoice Billing System
  11. Mail server project


This Course also included Freelancing training.

Note: After the completion of course students will rewarded certficate.

JAVA Programming Course Detail

Course Fee 18000/-PKR
Package Fee 15000/-PKR
Course Duration 3 Months
Classes Days Monday to Thursday

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