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Python Programming Course in Rawalpindi Islamabad

Module 1) Introduction to Python and Computer Programming:

  1. Python - a tool, not a reptile
  2. There is more than one Python
  3. Let's start our Python adventure

Module 2) Data Types, Variables, Basic Input-Output Operations, Basic Operators:

  1. Prepare Your System for Python Programming
  2. Your first program
  3. Python literals
  4. Operators - data manipulation tools
  5. Variables - data-shaped boxes
  6. How to talk to computer?

Module 3) Boolean Values, Conditional Execution, Loops, Lists and List Processing, Logical and Bitwise Operations:

  1. Making decisions in Python
  2. Python's loops
  3. Logic and bit operations in Python
  4. Lists - collections of data
  5. Sorting simple lists - the bubble sort algorithm
  6. Lists - some more details
  7. Lists in advanced applications

Module 4) Functions, Tuples, Dictionaries, and Data Processing:

  1. Writing functions in Python
  2. How functions communicate with their environment?
  3. Returning a result from a function
  4. Scopes in Python
  5. Let's make some fun... sorry, functions
  6. Tuples and dictionaries

Module 5) Modules, Packages, String and List Methods, and Exceptions:

  1. Using modules
  2. Some useful modules
  3. What is package?
  4. Errors - the programmer's daily bread
  5. The anatomy of exception
  6. Some of the most useful exceptions
  7. Characters and strings vs. computers
  8. Python's nature of strings
  9. String methods
  10. Strings in action
  11. Four simple programs

Module 6) The Object-Oriented Approach: Classes, Methods, Objects, and the Standard Objective Features; Exception Handling, and Working with Files:

  1. Basic concepts of object programming
  2. A short journey from procedural to object approach
  3. Properties
  4. Methods
  5. Inheritance - one of object programming foundations
  6. Exceptions once again
  7. Generators and closures
  8. Processing files
  9. Working with real files


This Course also included Freelancing training.

Note: After the completion of course students will rewarded certficate.

Python Programming Course Detail

Course Fee 25000/-PKR
Package Fee 20000/-PKR
Course Duration 3 Months
Classes Days Monday to Thursday

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