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What is shorthand and stenotype 

  • Shorthand is cords word language learning shorthand helps to administration and office work skills . Even with Technology skills it is also valuable skill to save your time . 

Our programs 

  • Have a strong reputation amongst employee’s for their high quality . 

  • Our short hand covers everything from learning , teeline shorthand, writing speed , punctuations  

  • want to further enhance your skill and improve your employees  

  • shorthand is writing system that uses symbols and abbreviations , it is typically handwritten and allows for faster writing 

shorthand and stenotype 

  • stenotype is a specialized machine used for court reporting . 

  • it has a keyboard with fewer keys with standard and each represents  

  • stenotype used a technique called chording to press multiple keys .  

Note Taking  

  • shorthand allows to the quick down jot information , lectures, meetings .  

  • Speedwriting  

Shorthand symbols are used in speed writing system , these system commonly used  journalist, secretaries.  

  • Texting and Messaging 

Shorthand symbols much as abbreviations or acronym are mainly used in the online chat , shorthand is a way to learn in cord’s language and writing system that  use symbols . Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method increases speed and brevity of writing as compared to longhand, a more common method of writing a language. The process of writing in shorthand is called stenography. 


  • Many forms of shorthand exist. A typical shorthand system provides symbols or abbreviations for words and common phrases, which can allowed someone well-trained in the system to write as quick as people speak. Abbreviation methods are alphabet-based and use abbreviating approaches. Many journalists use shorthand writing to quick notes to press conferences or other similar scenarios. In the computerized world, several autocomplete programs, standalone or integrated in text .  


This Course also included Freelancing training.

Note: After the completion of course students will rewarded certficate.

Short Hand Course Detail

Course Fee 22,000/-PKR
Package Fee 17,500/-PKR
Course Duration 3 Month
Classes Days Monday to Thursday

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